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Individual Healing Sessions

I offer:

  • Individual sessions (In-person & Remote/distance)

  • a wellness package - 3 sessions

  • a vitality package - 5 sessions

  • Annual packages - 12, 49, or custom # of sessions

  • Phone or zoom consultations

  • and more!

What You May Experience During A Session...

  • Relaxation - Most clients describe feeling a deep sense of relaxation. 

  • Pain relief - Release and relief of localized pain or the effects of injury, surgery, and chronic conditions.

  • Peace - As your energy balances and harmonizes with its true nature, you will experience a sense of peace and inner calm.

  • Feelings of being supported and nurtured.

  • Insights and Clarity - Some clients experience a spiritual experience or may develop insight into specific areas of their lives.

People have many different responses to Healing Touch. (Click here to read client testimonials). 

Session Format...

Sessions average 90 minutes -- including a 15-minute pre- and post-table session discussion. The series of healing techniques used may include light physical touch or sweeping hand motion above the body.


A feedback discussion will follow, including the inspiration for integrating the session into your daily life.

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