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What my clients are saying...
"A surprising difference after just a little toning. I wasn't sure how to integrate it into my morning practice, but that definitely helped. My throat has been sore and it felt better after the Chakra Meditation session". --Chakra Meditation Series attendee
"I feel really good today! I am standing taller and easier. With your help I am changing the way I am talking to myself about my back. Thank you so much for supporting me in the shift I needed for the health of my back. You are such a gift."  -- Amanda
"The Healing Touch session I had with Charlene was powerful. During the session, I could feel considerable amounts of energy flowing through my whole body. Afterward, I felt calm, balanced, and peaceful. I moved through my evening with ease. Stress levels have remained low even though there is a lot of stress in my life right now." -- Jorge

Benefits of Healing Touch:

Recent research studies suggest that Healing Touch is effective for physical and mental relaxation, pain management, anxiety and stress reduction, and increasing one’s sense of vitality. Clients of Healing Touch typically report experiencing the relaxation response and often report an increased sense of well-being and peace. Many have reported positive experiences that have helped them better cope with illnesses, medical protocols for treatment of medical conditions and depression but I can make no specific claims regarding the results you may experience from a Healing Touch session. Clients may request a list or summary of the numerous research studies done on Healing Touch since the early 1990s. Clients may also visit: to assess information about the history of the research, current findings, and further reading on Healing Touch.

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