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Cutting The Ties That Bind Program

A Guided Self-Care Process to Unveil Your Best Self

  • 1 h 30 min
  • Starting at 105
  • Via Phone or ZOOM - Contact Char directly to arrange appointment

Service Description

The Cutting The Ties That Bind* (CTTTB) program is the most comprehensive and effective method for removing the bonds of negativity. This is profound clearing work with great depth and simplicity. Click here for a recent client testimonials The CTTTB technique enables you to become liberated as an independent and whole person. The technique frees you to more fully rely on your inner source of security and wisdom (even on a subconscious level) rather than being entrapped by the false and binding security of old attachments and patterns. CTTTB Helps to Clear: • Negativity from unwanted ties (conditionings, judgments, opinions, assumptions, reactions, scripts) to people and/or relationships - past or present, freeing us to experience more love. • Fears that rule our life, knowingly or unknowingly, and prevent us from our true expression. CTTTB - Potential Outcomes: • Confidence in ourselves: We begin to use our own wisdom and inner knowledge as a guide and no longer get distracted or “pulled in” to previous bonds or relationship patterns. • Positive shifts in relationships--improvement or releasing: When we change, those around us appear to change their reaction to us. • Self-Empowerment: Gives you a life long tool to work with. It is vast in its application and can be applied to anyone and anything. • Clarity: As the simple technique is practiced, layers of attachments and patterns of thought and behavior are uncovered, to finally be understood and ultimately released. Value -- $165. You will receive: • A One on One 60-minute initial session • A 2-part guided meditation with visual prompts • 2, 15-minute “check-in” calls during the 1 to 2-week process • 1, 60-minute in-person or telephone post-process / wrap-up session Method The CTTTB process* is primarily a one to two-week guided journey, cutting one tie that we identify together. Our work together begins with a 60-minute one-on-one, in-person session, and includes check-ins, and a "final stage" 60-minute session. To get the most out of this Program, your commitment to yourself includes doing the daily meditation, repeated 4-times (2-minutes each) or 2-times (4 minutes each); daily journaling; and heightened self-care. * This program is attributed to Janna Moll, SEM, MSN, HTP, LMT and Founder of Energy Medicine Specialists. All materials are shared from her program to Practitioners, and are not to be re-distributed.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact me 24 hours before originally scheduled appointment time. A cancellation fee of $15 will be charged if not cancelled within this timeframe.

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